It’s difficult to completely understand and trust a cost model and all of its thousands of inputs.

Cost modeling tools often suffer from the black box syndrome.

There are various reasons, including:
  • The tools are complex and error-prone.
  • The formulas are complicated and difficult to understand.
  • The staff providing the inputs may not completely understand the model.
  • The modeler may not completely understand the inputs or their providence.

The Business Consequences

As a result, cost models are often:
  • Unreliable
  • Unstable
  • Misunderstood
Therefore managers may not feel accountable for the outcomes.
RuleFour is an innovative approach to cost modelling software that is accessible, repeatable, transparent and understandable.


Cost modeling for the 21st century.

RuleFour has been built from the ground up to solve the most common problems with existing cost modeling.

What makes RuleFour different?

It is:

1. Accessible
2. Repeatable
3. Transparent
4. Understandable

And it is built around the concept of The Rule Of Four.

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